Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluation and TestMalvern Optical has a wide range of on-site facilities that can be used to support a range of assessment and evaluation activities on materials, systems and platforms in both the electro-optic and electromagnetic domains.

As an independent organisation, Malvern Optical is well placed to offer impartial assessment and evaluation over a range of topics, including:

(UV to LWIR)
Materials characterisation
(reflectance, transmission, scatter, BRDF, emissivity, fluorescence, refractive index)
Sensor systems assessment
(including airborne imaging systems, ANPR, polarisation imaging, direction finding)
Optical device evaluation (binoculars, lenses)
Communications systems
Non-ionising radiation hazard assessment
Antenna assessment
EMC and Tempest testing and assessment
Market surveys (EO sensors, materials)

Malvern Optical also offers a wide ranging measurement capability.