Measurement capability

Laboratory and/or on-site measurements can be performed on materials samples, windows, coatings, films, electrical and electronic equipment and platforms, including, as appropriate:

(UV to LWIR)
– Bi-directional reflectance – Antenna directivity and gain
– Diffuse reflectance – RF path loss, crosstalk and isolation
– Transmission – AF and RF emissions and RF susceptibility
– Specular reflectance – Non-ionising radiation (E- and H-field)
– Fluorescence spectroscopy – Susceptibility of electrically initiated ordnance firing lines
– Near-grazing (85°) reflectance – Earth bonding
– Refractive index measurements – Signal in noise and distortion (SINAD)
– Spectroradiometry – TEMPEST
– UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR and LWIR imaging – Mobile electromagnetic incompatibility (MEMIC)
– Emissivity