We are independent providers in three areas across both electro-optic and electro-magnetic domains: Testing & Evaluation, Research & Development, and Technical Consultancy.

Building the picture

Testing & Evaluation

World-class UKAS accredited laboratories and practices.

Malvern Optical has a wide range of on-site facilities to support test and evaluation activities on materials, systems and platforms in both the electro-optic and electro-magnetic domains.

As a UKAS accredited laboratory, Malvern Optical is well placed to offer impartial assessments to meet our customers’ needs.

Person in lab coat using scientific testing device

Providing world-class testing in the electro-optic (EO) and electro-magnetic (EM) domains

Engineering the solution

Research & Development

Providing you with innovation in materials and systems.

Our team of scientists and engineers are involved in the development of novel materials and systems.

We undertake contract research and prototype development, conducted over the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum, from the ultraviolet to radio frequency wavelengths, covering applications in both the civil and defence markets.

Woman in lab coat inserting thermometer into chemical flask containing red liquid

Delivering innovation and research in wide range of materials, systems and environments

Sharing our expertise

Technical Consultancy

Specialist support and technical advice to deliver results.

Malvern Optical’s team of scientists and engineers are highly skilled specialists with many years of experience.

We can provide professional support on an ad-hoc basis or fully integrated with the customer team.

We also have several associates who provide subject matter expert advice in related technical areas who we can work with to further enhance our capability.

Malvern optical staff showing inspector military vehicle

We provide a wide range of consulting and technical advice focusing on our unique experience and expertise

Our Facilities

Our first-class facilities in Pershore, United Kingdom, provide laboratory and outdoor range capabilities to enable a wide range of experimentation and field trials.

Facilities include:

Dark warehouse hanger insterspersed with white ceiling light, with yellow and purple floodlights in the background.


Our Services

Through innovation and an unrivalled experience in technology, materials and systems, we provide bespoke capabilities across a range of sectors and industries. Our world-class facilities are underpinned by our UKAS laboratory accreditation delivering high quality test, evaluation, and consultancy services.


We are able to provide support to investigate current optical systems and potential new designs.


Materials design, formulation and prototyping is a key part of our research.


Within our facilities and off-site we conduct assessments of EO system performance.


Our EME facility conducts a large selection of UKAS accredited testing.


We are one of very the few organisations that hold Platform Level TEMPEST accreditation (CPTAS).

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