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Materials Design and Formulation (EO)

Materials design, formulation and prototyping is a key part of our research, from traditional optical coatings (transparencies), paints, and appliques to specialist metasurface materials.

Materials design, formulation and prototyping is a key part of our research, from traditional optical coatings (transparencies), paints, and appliqués to specialist metasurface materials.  We utilise specialist design software to undertake our development work, such as Matlab, Python and Lumerical to refine material performance to the desired requirement.

Addressing complex problems from our clients requires us to create bespoke material solutions. Our team of scientists and engineers have extensive formulation experience, supported by our comprehensive measurement facility.

Person using tongs to remove a metalic strip from a furnace. Everything is illuminated with red light.

Malvern Optical is part of the UK materials development community, supporting multiple collaborative initiatives, both at home and abroad. We are actively engaging with colleagues in other institutions to push forward how materials can be developed or implemented towards new applications.

Whilst it is relatively simple to define a specific visual appearance, our developments allow control of appearance in multiple wavebands and other desired functionality such as hydro- or oleophobicity.

Integration of materials should be considered in order to minimise detrimental effects on other components; thickness and uniformity might be important to a particular application, or a bulk homogenous material could be the desired solution. These properties can be implemented simultaneously providing greater benefit from only a single material.

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Other Capabilities

We are independent providers in three areas across both electro-optic and electro-magnetic domains: Testing & Evaluation, Research & Development, and Technical Consultancy.


Within our facilities and off-site we conduct assessments of EO system performance.


We are able to provide support to investigate current optical systems and potential new designs.


Our EME facility conducts a large selection of UKAS accredited testing.


We are one of very the few organisations that hold Platform Level TEMPEST accreditation (CPTAS).

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