Our Capabilities

Optical & Instrumentation Design (EO/EME)

We are able to provide support to investigate current optical systems and potential new designs.

Malvern Optical has extensive knowledge in modelling and design, allowing us to create synthetic solutions for assessment before committing to costly physical build projects. Our experience covers a wide range of techniques, from optical ray tracing to finite element analysis.

Our experience in instrumentation design is applied to bespoke equipment which forms part of our optical measurement laboratory. This allows us to cater for Customer requirements which need solutions beyond the capabilities of commercially available systems. Examples include measurements with high angles of incidence or of anisotropic surfaces.

Optical measurement devices in an airfield
Optical Instrument

We can undertake the whole development cycle of any test equipment, from requirements capture, through design and prototyping to manufacture and test. A crucial phase of this activity is creation of the control software and Malvern Optical has developed and utilised its own customised solutions using LabView™ or C/C++ integrated development environments.

More complex electro-optic systems have been developed for specific Customer requirements, such as metrology, illuminators, signature control and decoys. Our experience in developing novel solutions allows us to tailor the manufacturing process for initial prototype creation and integration activities in order to meet the Customer’s requirement.

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Other Capabilities

We are independent providers in three areas across both electro-optic and electro-magnetic domains: Testing & Evaluation, Research & Development, and Technical Consultancy.


Materials design, formulation and prototyping is a key part of our research.


Within our facilities and off-site we conduct assessments of EO system performance.


Our EME facility conducts a large selection of UKAS accredited testing.


We are one of very the few organisations that hold Platform Level TEMPEST accreditation (CPTAS).

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