Our Capabilities

Platform and System Assessment (EME)

Our EME facility conducts a large selection of UKAS accredited testing.

Malvern Optical has extensive capabilities in electromagnetic environment testing, having applied this to many prototype and in-service systems and platforms over many years. Our main focus is platform level testing with complex radio fits; we regularly assess platforms fitted with multiple HF, VHF, UHF and other specialist antennas. Testing covers electromagnetic compatibility (to Defence Standard 59-411 or Mil. Standard 461), non-ionising radiation hazard testing (personnel, ordnance, and fuels), and power quality (to Defence Standard 61-005).


Malvern Optical has broad experience in evaluating the performance of RF platform systems across various applications, covering a frequency range of 10 Hz to 26 GHz. Our experience includes assessing and providing solutions to vital design criticalities, such as optimal placement of multiple antenna installations and effective bonding. In addition to chamber and hangar facilities, the outdoor test range enables us to assess dynamic radio performance of vehicles on the move.

Worker in red gloves performing mechanical work.

Our experienced team of engineers can provide EM platform design services, having previously worked on many dismounted, vehicle and fixed-installation programmes. Malvern Optical has assisted with the development of the UK combat net radio (BOWMAN) and its transition to the newer MORPHEUS system, undertaking multiple projects on radio design, installation, and testing.

As part of its consultancy and support work, Malvern Optical can provide specialist technical advice to various Defence Customers on systems engineering and verification and validation activities (such as requirements and test methodology development, and marking scheme assessments). This can also take the form of trials planning and execution for R&D and de-risking activities.

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Other Capabilities

We are independent providers in three areas across both electro-optic and electro-magnetic domains: Testing & Evaluation, Research & Development, and Technical Consultancy.


Materials design, formulation and prototyping is a key part of our research.


Within our facilities and off-site we conduct assessments of EO system performance.


We are able to provide support to investigate current optical systems and potential new designs.


We are one of very the few organisations that hold Platform Level TEMPEST accreditation (CPTAS).

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