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Test and Accreditation (TEMPEST)

We are one of very the few organisations that hold Platform Level TEMPEST accreditation (CPTAS).

Malvern Optical are an Evaluation Partner for the United Kingdom’s National Cyber Security Centre and our facility is accredited to provide formal TEMPEST testing. Our service focuses on First of Type mobile (vehicle) platforms under the Platform TEMPEST Accreditation Scheme (CPTAS), which covers ships, aircraft, land vehicles, fixed installations, as well as the Human As A Platform (HAAP).

CPTAS testing to NATO standard SDIP-27/2 ensures that mobile platforms are thoroughly assessed for unplanned emanations. Each platform configuration is evaluated in detail as the First of Type example. Following these initial tests, platforms must undergo TEMPEST Production Assurance Testing, or TPAT, to ensure a consistent build standard for platforms of the same type. These more limited tests are carried out during the production run to ensure that TEMPEST integrity is maintained throughout.

Electrical test device
Malvern Optical staff member conducting tests

Malvern Optical is one of the few companies with the capability, experience and accreditations to undertake CPTAS testing in the UK.  Our dedicated suite of equipment can be used on- and off-site, allowing us to conduct assessments of platforms which cannot readily be moved such as aircraft or maritime vessels.

Customers are encouraged to contact us at an early stage to ensure that we can advise on their requirements and provide de-risk testing, where required, in order to minimise repetition of formal assessment.

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Other Capabilities

We are independent providers in three areas across both electro-optic and electro-magnetic domains: Testing & Evaluation, Research & Development, and Technical Consultancy.


Materials design, formulation and prototyping is a key part of our research.


Within our facilities and off-site we conduct assessments of EO system performance.


We are able to provide support to investigate current optical systems and potential new designs.


Our EME facility conducts a large selection of UKAS accredited testing.

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