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Optical Characterisation

Malvern Optical has a suite of measurement equipment that can be used both in the laboratory and field.

Malvern Optical has a suite of measurement equipment that can be used to characterise the properties of a surface, from reflectance or transmission, to refractive index or topology. Sample sizes can range from sub-micron scale to very large areas utilising both laboratory and field-portable instrumentation.

The optical measurement facility provides data for theoretical modelling and simulation, prototype characterisation and quality control purposes. The facility includes a range of systems which are of a custom design and built in-house for specific applications not covered by commercial off the shelf equipment.

Housed within the temperature controlled optical characterisation laboratory at Malvern Optical, our range of spectrophotometers and FTIR spectrometers allow us to characterise materials across the electromagnetic spectrum, from the ultraviolet to far-infrared.

Microscope with inserted slide
Person in lab coat using scientific testing device

These are complimented by a range of reflectometers (for bidirectional reflectance, spectroscopic ellipsometry or scattering measurements), spectral microscopes and material composition analysis capabilities.

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We can support the testing and evaluation of materials, systems and platforms.

Research & development

Our technical teams are involved in the development of novel materials and systems. 

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Our scientists and engineers can provide ad-hoc support or fully integrate with your team.

Other specialist

Explore our other first-class test and experimentation facilities at our Pershore site.

Site Location

Our Optical Laboratory is located at our site on Throckmorton Airfield.

Formally known as RAF Pershore, Throck Morton Airfield is home to the Throckmorton Air Show and was built in the 1940s, during the Second World War and was home to No 23 Operational Training Unit equipped with Wellington bombers.

Malvern Optical,
Hangar 3, Throckmorton Airfield,
Long Ln, Throckmorton,
Pershore WR10 2JH

Aerial photograph of pershore facility

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Our Other Facilities

Our first-class facilities in Pershore, UK provide laboratory and outdoor range capabilities to enable a wide range of experimentation and field trials.

An RF quiet environment for sensitive electromagnetic testing of very large platforms and equipment.
The large turntable, antenna array and plotting hut allows the measurement of antenna radiated patterns.
Our large turntable facility allows the precise rotation of large platforms or installations for test purposes.
This Facility provides a large test area with controlled lighting conditions, from twilight to complete darkness.
Malvern Optical has access to a laser and imaging range over 450m which can accommodate lasers up to Class 4.
Our specialist materials laboratories can be used to create prototype novel materials for evaluation.
We can evaluate commercially available and prototype electro-optic sensors using our extensive facilities.

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