Ground agility

Malvern Optical plays a critical role in the Defence Land sector, contributing to the effectiveness and agility of the British Army and other Agencies involved in ground manoeuvres. 

We provide essential test and evaluation services for both existing and future armoured platforms, ensuring their performance and reliability. Additionally, we support dismounted capabilities by assessing emerging sensors and developing innovative materials to enhance their capabilities in various environments.

Malvern optical workers testing military vehicle

Our Capabilities

Offering a unique range of test services

Testing &

We can support the testing and evaluation of materials, systems and platforms.

Research & development

Our technical teams are involved in the development of novel materials and systems. 

Technical consultancy

Our scientists and engineers can provide ad-hoc support or fully integrate with your team.

Our specialist

Explore our first-class test and experimentation facilities at our Pershore site.

Focus Areas

Other Sectors

We play a critical role in many different sectors.

Maritime preparedness

We support the Royal Navy’s capabilities through continued testing and assessment of systems.

Presence in the skies

We support this sector though engagement on the next generation combat aircraft.

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